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Benefits of Breathwork / Who Is It For?

Are you looking for a body-centered approach to healing?

In-Person & On-line Therapeutic Breathwork sessions can help~

• energize, cleanse, purify, uplift and reconnect our entire being to a state of maximum balance
• reveal and shift emotional obstacles and integrate body-mind imbalances, sometimes called suppressions
• release tension and connect us to intuition
• stimulate the longer brainwave patterns that are found during various stages of sleep and meditative states of consciousness, thereby assisting in reducing stress in the body

The following are just some of the innumerable benefits of Therapeutic Breathwork~

Physical Benefits include

• Learn to deal with stress more effectively
• Release toxins
• Strengthen the immune system
• Create brain wave patterns similar to deep sleep
• Correct restricting breathing patterns
• Increase physical energy

Emotional/Spiritual Benefits include

• Help to amplify your spiritual practice
• Integrate suppressions in your emotional body
• Experience more connection, joy and pleasure
• Improve your sense of well-being
• Connect more deeply to others
• Be more present to your life
• Gain more self-awareness

Therapeutic Breathwork is also an excellent healing modality to help shift~

• Anxiety
• Depression
• Feelings of being “stuck”
• Low energy
• Tightness in the belly or shoulders when breathing
• Difficulty connecting with others
• Fear of living one’s passion
• Issues related to stress


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