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Coherent Breathing (Coherent Breathing is a registered trademark of COHERENCE LLC)

Through this site you have access to a Coherent Breathing clock which I find very effective and fun to breathe to-

The goal with coherent breathing is to breathe at a rate of five breaths per minute. This typically means breathing IN to the count of 6 seconds as you INHALE and breathing out to the count of 6 seconds as you EXHALE so that a single breath takes about 12 seconds and you end up doing about 5 breaths per minute.

Coherent breathing coordinates the heart and thoracic pumps, it improves heart health, and switches off sympathetic dominance in the autonomic nervous system, helping to alleviate stress responses.

The balanced state Coherent Breathing creates is something the body naturally wants to achieve, you just have to create the conditions and let your body settle into it.

This technique is best done sitting up and for a duration of 8-12 minutes, breathing in and out the nose. Try to remain perfectly still while you breathe.

Within 8-12 minutes low threshold muscle motor units throughout the body will begin to relax. One notices this first in the eyes and face but these low threshold muscle motor units include the vascular system at large, facilitating improved circulation throughout the body effecting every cell.

The Coherent Breathing method was originated by Stephen Elliott, president of COHERENCE LLC, (

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