Breathwork Exercises

​There are over 100 varied breath practices and additional varied ways you can control, alter and effect your breathing as well as breath awareness practices. These include exercises like counting as you breathe, moving the body with breath, breath holding, deeper inhales, longer exhales, mindfulness -based techniques, and many more.

The key with engaging with any breath practice is to choose what works for you in any given moment. Think of the breath as a tool that is available to you at any time- meeting you where you are and offering an opportunity to help create a greater sense of calm, or more energy, focus, or expansion.

Always notice how you feel after practicing any breath exercise as part of the experiential learning about what works for you. Know that some breath techniques are extremely powerful and it is good to have some guidance around some of the techniques. Also- always be safe while practicing breath techniques- including from not driving a vehicle during the exercise.

Breath mastery is really about noticing the breath and utilizing it in any given moment to help you feel more conscious, connected and on purpose with your life including using breath awareness exercises. Breath awareness in fact is a great doorway in and can be a helpful place to start.

To develop a breath practice using a specific breath technique, check back here for the Spiraldance Breathwork Resource Guide (coming soon!) or visit Spiraldance Breathwork on social media or sign up to receive the bi-monthly newsletter for breath tips and more.


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