A Life-Changing Breath Journey
Awaiting You

spiral-markTania Zuckerman has been facilitating individuals in Breathwork empowerment since 2005 and is also a Spiritual Minister through the Earth Circle School for Ministry, a Registered Yoga Instructor, a nature-based educator, and a Reiki Level 2 practitioner. Offering a balanced approach to healing and wellness, Tania is exceptional in her ability to provide a safe and nurturing environment for clients and is a compassionate and present teacher.

Why “Spiraldance” Breathwork

“The name Spiraldance for me reflects the spiral we move through in life. We move up the spiral until we meet an unresolved part of ourselves. As we take the time to heal and integrate that part of ourselves we then move up the spiral again. And then as we come around the spiral, we meet that part of ourselves again (and again), each time healing/integrating a bit more as we grow in our tools and awareness to do so, until we reach the top of the spiral- enlightenment/resolve. Here’s to celebrating this beautiful (and not always easy!) dance of life! May we continue to rise up the spiral.”