There is no greater time to connect with your breath for healing and upliftment. Whether you’re looking to breathe with more ease, access your peace, or are finally ready to integrate unresolved aspects of your life- SPIRALDANCE BREATHWORK is a highly effective therapeutic tool led by long-time Breathwork practitioner, Tania Zuckerman.

Sessions are 120-minutes in length and include intuitive coaching, embodied empowerment tools for home practice and a deeper dive into yourself using the highly integrative technique of Spiraldance Breathwork.

We were meant to be happy and joyful, confident and at ease, and then life happened… Often, following many of our more difficult life experiences, we begin to limit our breathing. Whether our breath becomes shallow, choppy, frozen, or tight- how we breathe is sometimes how we live. Which means we may feel frozen, held back, tight or shallow, or we may not feel at all.

But what if our life and breath could be more free? What if we could gift our body the tool of remembering and experiencing the peace that lives inside us all?

Whether you’re struggling with feeling anxious, stuck, or closed-off, emotions are energy in motion and your breath is ENERGY that is able to help generate movement, release, integration and awareness within you- so that YOU can get back to living your amazing life.

Spiraldance Breathwork is a therapeutic approach that helps put you in the driver seat of your own empowered presence. Through our collaborative partnership, with the breath, let’s help you find the shift you’re looking for. I look forward to breathing with you.

Spiraldance Breathwork 1-1 Sessions are available both in-person (with Covid Guidelines in place) and virtually.

Spiraldance Breathwork is a Maine-based local businesses offering in-person sessions from Portsmouth, NH to Brunswick, ME. Privately scheduled house-calls are available with additional travel rate, and regularly scheduled booking appointments are available at Spiraldance Breathwork Studio locations in Portland, Brunswick, and Greater Freeport (both inside and outside sessions available). Ready to get started?

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Include a sauna session in your Spiraldance Breathwork appointment! 

Available now at Spiraldance Breathwork Portland & Brunswick locations only, you can extend your self care time by booking a 15 or 30-minute sauna session (electric & infrared) after your Spiraldance Breathwork session. Learn more in your confirmation email on how to include this special service. (Covid Guidelines apply.) 


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