While traditional talk therapy can offer many creative solutions to the stressors in your life, getting into your body can help you make the positive shifts you’ve been looking for.

With more oxygen, you can also begin to see your problems with a fresh perspective and gain more clarity.

Spiraldance Breathwork Therapy sessions can help you feel more alive and get in touch with difficult emotions without being overwhelmed by them.

Your Breath is Energy. Emotion is “Energy In Motion.”

Through our guided work together, you can begin to feel sensations fully so you can LET THEM GO.

I am here to help you deepen your connection to yourself, unwind your memories of the past, and breathe.

Once you breathe WITH yourself and your life experiences- you’ll feel more INTEGRATED and AT PEACE.

Did you learn early in life to hold or limit your breathing to manage difficult or overwhelming experiences
that were beyond your control?

RIGHT NOW- are you ready to breathe more freely?

Learn more about how Spiraldance Breathwork Sessions can help with trauma release and stress reduction.

       Breathwork could be the catalyst for change in your life.

Journey with a powerful somatic processing breath technique to help release stored emotions, bring new levels of awareness, and embodied presence. Develop intentions to incorporate into your daily life to cultivate your envisioned future. Create a roadmap of self-care routines to build new habits and feel better long-term.

“I fully believe that the work I did with Tania during that time shifted my way of relating to others, myself, and life in a way that I became much more empowered. She helped me to let go. Tania has a gift for working with people that is equal parts nurturing and warrior guide. If you are ready to do the work, Tania is the practitioner for you.” O.S.

“Sometimes in the sessions my body starts vibrating like the voltage has been turned way up and I can feel all sorts of old sh*t just clearing out. Other times, I enter a realm of deep peace and see my life with perfect clarity. My last session with Tania was so special. My day-to-day life coming out of that session is different from what it was going in. I’m not constantly grasping like I was before the session. I am living with greater ease now. I would call Tania a true healer.” A.M.


Book a sauna after your Breathwork Session- 

Available now at Portland & Brunswick locations only, extend your self care time by booking a 15 or 30-minute sauna session (electric & infrared). Available after booking. 

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