Spiraldance Breathwork is like speeding up the process on our own healing. So how, why does it work? Beyond the powers of the unknown we do know this-

When we breathe our natural breath, our whole body moves slightly as we breathe; the breath begins primarily just below the rib cage at the diaphragm and the inhale begins inside the body and not from use of any external muscles; the breath expands in all directions as we breathe- including the sides and back of the body; and the breath is flexible and responds to our actions in this moment and is predominantly relaxed– especially on the exhale. Just watch how a baby breathes!

But one of the mechanisms we learn early in life is that if we hold or restrict our breath, we can control feelings about our experiences. We restrict our breath to be self-protective and not feel the more difficult moments in our lives- whether consciously or unconsciously. But in doing this, we are suppressing that unresolved experience and creating tension in our body. Add to this additional mental, physical, and emotional stresses throughout our life and we can begin to see how when we limit our full breathing, we limit our full living– and we just need time to BREATHE ourselves back in to gain access to our freedom within.

Spiraldance Breathwork utilizes your own bodies innate wisdom to heal- through breath! This skillfully guided therapeutic approach is a highly intuitive, integrative somatic practice that will help you release, gain new perspective and awaken your own empowered presence. Breathwork schools similar to Spiraldance Breathwork include- Rebirthing Breathwork, Transformational Breathwork, Clarity Breathwork, and Holotropic Breathwork. 

Sessions are therapeutic in nature and are a collaborative process helping you to re-discover, re-ignite and return to the light within yourself so you that YOU can feel more empowered and have greater ease in your life. 

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