Your breath is life itself (prana).

When you engage with it consciously, amazing things can happen.

Conscious, circular breathing helps you move what has been stuck.

When your breath moves- your energy moves with it.

What is Breathwork?

A Spiraldance Breathwork Session is a psycho-physical integrative processing method using a guided conscious circular breath technique.

The Breathwork Session Journey helps to promote an energetic exchange and movement within ALL your body’s major systems and creates space for you to-

Awaken awareness

Cultivate peace

Anchor you in this NOW moment


Clients share through our work together they feel more Happy…Present…Peaceful…Alive and CONNECTED.            

Discover you have everything inside of you with the power of your own breath.

BONUS Breathwork Benefits- when you breathe deeper you help increase lung capacity, improve digestion and heart health, reduce cortisol and adrenaline and promote cellular regeneration. A therapeutic tool for trauma release and stress reduction- learn more or BOOK SESSION now. 


“To allow the magic of the breath to take me on its magical journey within. Tania is an amazing facilitator—for me, there is no other modality that leads me deeper inward than the breath. It’s literally like coming home to the ‘one self within my body’.” A.N.

“Experiencing one of Tania’s Breathwork sessions is like taking your deeper Self for a walk in an ancient wood. The whole process is incredibly grounding and uplifting at the same time.” K.L.

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