So what exactly is Therapeutic Breathwork and how/why does it work?

​Consider first the breath we are born with sometimes known as our natural, open, healthy breath.

When we breathe our natural breath, our whole body moves slightly as we breathe; the breath begins primarily just below the rib cage at the diaphragm and the inhale begins inside the body and not from use of any external muscles; the breath expands in all directions as we breathe- including the sides and back of the body; and the breath is flexible and responds to our actions in this moment. Just watch how a baby breathes!

So why don’t we breathe this way all the time?

One of the mechanisms we learn early in life is that if we hold or restrict our breath, we can control feelings about our experiences. We restrict our breath to be self-protective and not feel the more difficult moments in our lives. But in doing this, we are suppressing that negative emotional energy and storing it in our body. Add to this additional mental, physical, and emotional stress, and limiting breath patterns begin to inhibit the full expression of our life.

Therapeutic Breathwork sessions, are designed to provide us with the opportunity to breathe with this moment, and breathe with all parts of ourselves vs. alienating them. By gaining self-awareness and making the choice to breathe, our natural breath begins to be more full and easy, and we are able to return to our more whole and authentic self.

Our stored stories could simply be stress, a difficult event, or a family trauma. But until we give ourselves the gift of fully breathing with those places in us, they can wreak havoc on our physical, emotional and mental body and dramatically affect our life.

In fact, how a person breathes has been found to be a close reflection of how a person lives. Therefore, the reclamation of our natural breath is the link to the reclamation of our life.

Therapeutic Breathwork utilizes some of the most effective forms of current Breathwork strategies to help reduce anxiety, initiate a more parasympathetic state (relaxed) vs. a sympathetic state (fight or flight), bring energy to the body, and integrate surface level stress and past experiences in our life. Sessions sessions include life coaching, guided personalized breath practices, and a Journey Breathwork session- an advanced therapeutic breathing modality with its roots in Rebirthing, Transformational, and Holotropic Breathwork.

In a Therapeutic Breathwork session, all aspects of the body, mind, and spirit are engaged for upliftment and healing. The sessions are personalized to meet you exactly where you are, never going past your evolution and providing steps along the way as well as practices that you can incorporate into your daily life.

This is deep, profound and sacred work, and unique in that it is guided by our own self-regulating body function- the breath.

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