How do you deal with uncertainty? What is your life pattern as it relates to when things feel out of control, unpredictable?

The greatest challenge right now for so many of us is this core fear at it relates to this groundlessness and for some of us, this situation is mimicking earlier times in our life when things felt scary.

So- what did you find yourself doing back then? Did you go into your head to try to figure it out? Leave your body and the “difficult” feelings? Grip tighter to the things you could control- harboring addictive behavior? Or get buried in the muck and the mire of self judgement or blame- turning on yourself?

These are uncertain times. These are messy and unpredictable times. And it is really hard. The other day I was struck by this continual feeling of heaviness, sadness, and low energy. I just couldn’t shake it. Then a wise friend reminded me that it’s ok to have that feeling just as much as having the feeling of hope or joy. That honoring all of it, our darkness, grief, unhealthy patterns that are all getting stirred up at this time and embracing it all, accepting it all is what is being asked of us at this time.

There are no easy answers or quick fixes to this wobbliness we’re all experiencing. However there are choices of where we can place our attention- what we want to grow. Giving ourselves situations, environments, activities that cultivate compassion for ourselves, and being with ourselves in an honest and vulnerable way, while simultaneously shifting our dial of attention even just a little bit towards the light within us is, I feel, one of the best things we can do right now.

The healing powers of breath have been with our human evolution for aeons. That we can control and manipulate our breath for different effects from balancing the nervous system, unlocking subconscious patterns, and gain more clarity and focus is ASTOUNDING to me- and that is just from what little research has been done on the power of conscious breathing.

Wherever you are right now with all of this is ok. The messy, scared, joyful, angry, hopeful, blissed out, tearful, grieving, stressed out, shape-shifting- it is all ok. It is all welcome during this unprecedented time of our lifehood.

And now- knowing what you know, how do you choose to be with your own tender heart? And where do you choose to keep plodding forth to move the dial toward greater peace in your life?

I did some deep soul searching this weekend around how can I best serve right now by offering the power of Breathwork. I hope you’ll find these offerings are of use- for connection, upliftment, soul nourishment and expansion.

If there is something else you feel would be useful for you at this time- I would love to hear!

In light and service- Tania