I am here to help guide you on a journey back to your integrated whole self- the place where you already are.


Discover the healing power of conscious, connected
Breathwork Sessions with Spiraldance Breathwork.

Help change your underlying “freeze” or shallow breath pattern to feel more ease and at peace in your body.

Whether you’ve learned to hold your breath to manage life’s stressors or can’t get a deep enough breath- Breathwork Sessions go beyond traditional talk therapy.

When you learn to breathe with and through life’s difficulties, you build resilience for your life.

Process and let go of accumulated stress                       Connect and listen to yourself

Gain access to your energy and vitality                           Feel your feelings and let go

Find new perspective and clarity                                      Bring more integration and peace to your past


Spiraldance Breathwork Therapy is a highly effective therapeutic tool for trauma release and stress reduction led by long-time Breathwork practitioner, Tania Zuckerman. Tania approaches each session with an integrated approach, weaving together therapeutic conscious breathing techniques, intuitive coaching, empowerment tools, and the highly integrative somatic processing technique of Breathwork to help provide her clients with the opportunity to release, connect, and heal.

Once you move what has been stuck- your breath moves and your energy moves with it.

“Breathwork with Tania took me to places in my inner work that I hadn’t been able to access before in other modalities. Decades-old chronic tensions unlocked and began to unwind in my very first session. Highly recommended!” G.H.

“My experiences have been life changing and profound, bringing such clarity to my life’s path. I highly recommend her private and group sessions. ❤” J.S.

A Life-Changing Breath Journey Awaits You!


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