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Spiraldance Breathwork is OPEN for in-person and virtual sessions with Covid-19 Guidelines in place. All group offerings (classes, workshops, trainings, retreats) will stay virtual for now- stay tuned for updates!  

The power of the breath or prana/life-force energy has been taught for centuries as a way to shift energy, improve health and uplift the spirit.

But what if you could harness your breath right now for transformation? Are you ready to create new enlivened pathways to help you integrate your past and feel more on purpose in your life? Spiraldance Breathwork is an alternative therapy using a highly integrative conscious, connected breath technique along with additional breath, body and mind empowerment tools to help you gain more freedom, peace and connection.

A powerful somatic therapy to help you-

  • Create greater resolve with unprocessed aspects of your life- release & integrate.
  • Awaken and cultivate access to your own empowered essence– the authentic, amazing YOU.
  • Gain access to expanded universal consciousness- heighten your intuition.
  • Bring more harmony to your relationships- receive yourself.
  • Open to a new perspective on aspects of your life you’ve been wondering about- gain clarity.
  • Learn powerful tools to gain mastery over your own well being- empower and energize.

If your ready for a somatic approach to have more peace, purpose, freedom and presence in your life- discover SPIRALDANCE BREATHWORK.

Lets connect with a FREE phone consult to talk about the shifts you’re looking for in your life. I look forward to sharing connecting!

Spiraldance Breathwork has met professional standard requirements set by the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance (GPBA) as a certified Breathwork practitioner and trainer.  


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