What do you notice is your own form of inspiration these days? Have you noticed any connection between your own inspiration and your own restoration?

To inspire means to: fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something, especially to do something creative but it also means to breathe in (air); INHALE.

But our ability to inhale (ie. be inspired) is often directly linked to how rested we are. Years ago someone taught a wonderful lesson to me about the importance of being relaxed in order to receive guidance or access your own intuition. You may even have noticed this for yourself- that it can be difficult to tap into those mysterious wonders of our own inner calm knowing when we’re all stressed out or exhausted.

In fact, a wonderful Breathwork teacher Dan Brule, shared himself how if we can’t relax we can’t actually receive the breath to gain access to that inspiration (prana= the life giving force of our own inspiration). He likened this to a story about plant roots that have become so dried out that they can’t absorb the water anymore.

We all know that it’s been (and continues to be!) a balancing act to find relaxation during a global pandemic. And so it’s natural to feel uninspired. If you’re feeling tired right now, depleted, I get it. But if you ARE feeling uninspired then how about you also take a look at how much more rest and rejuvenation you can carve out so that you can get back to accessing more of that inner well-spring of guidance and knowing.

Consider these restoration moments as pockets of time, similar to Tony Shawartzs’ article in the Harvard Business Review about the importance of intermittent breaks for renewal. “The length of renewal is less important than the quality. It is possible to get a great deal of recovery in a short time—as little as several minutes—if it involves a ritual that allows you to disengage from work and truly change channels.”

So this could mean 5 minute pockets scattered throughout the day that are just for you. Or- if you are particularly fatigued (like those dry roots I mentioned) then you may need more time.

But thinking and wishing for creativity to be flowing through you right now if you are also feeling under-resourced is an unfair request of an already over-requested system.

I had a sweet moment the other morning with my son out of the house for an extended time- a blessing to have a bit of extra unexpected alone time… And what I was drawn to the most was just following my own pace- softening, slowing-…now I’m putting winter clothes away…now I’m enjoying my breakfast…now I’m laying on the floor looking at the trees through the window…now I’m unloading the dishwasher.

Heavenly…and I noticed that relaxation DID allow for a rekindle of my own inner inspiration. My breath DID begin to feel more open and easeful. And I felt my intuition coming back like a glimmering light to be guided by.
We’re all in this time together—and remembering this can maybe help you give yourself permission to ease up a bit and rest. Whatever it is going to be- the 5 minutes re-sets throughout the day or a longer restoration out of the house.

Lock a door to a room for your time if you need to, sit in the car by yourself if you need to (I actually did this the other day when I had a 30 minute window and listened to my favorites tunes and journaled- it was lovely!), or take a longer timeframe carved out just for you.

If you’re looking for some restoring tips- here’s some breath and nurturing resources that may be helpful. Remember- the breath itself can be a wonderfully restorative and calming balm.

I’d love to hear from YOU about what’s been working and also if any of these are helpful.

Know that if you DO have more time and are ready for an even deeper connection to yourself and your own thoughts and feelings to fill the well up even further- I’m now booking Outside Breathwork sessions + guided Outdoor Mini group retreats on our property in Greater Freeport- and it’s a lovely place to restore.

I would love to see you!
In light! Tania

1) Essential oils- apply on hands, ear lobes, base of spine and then cup hands and BREATHE- you can order – https://www.youngliving.com/en_US
2) Journal with purpose- write down what you’re struggling with mentally- take your thoughts to paper with free downloads with the amazing Byron Katie https://thework.com/
3) Meditate with a guided soundscape or affirmations with https://insighttimer.com/ or Insight Meditation Center’s free resources- https://www.dharma.org/resources/audio/
4) Watch/Listen to a 5 minute breath video with me 😃 https://vimeo.com/402011966
5) Sit. And. Be. And. Do Nothing. Inside or outside. Let the moment guide you.

ESSENTIAL BREATHWORK skills for restoration-
1) Belly breathing- belly expands as you inhale.
2) Long exhales- lengthen the exhale to be twice as long as inhale.
3) Exhale out the mouth- make some sound even- sigh it out.
4) Follow the breath with your attention- mindful loving attention to this moment begins with witnessing the ever flowing nature of your breath.